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Engaging, equipping and empowering Christians for the crescendo,
excelling glory of the Cross through the Spirit filled thrust on the Gospel.  
     The Rev. Dr. Jan (John) Taimoor, Founder and President, Minister at large of the Crossbearers was converted to Christ from a non Christian background and was called to an unusual task. He says, “An hour after Christ came in to my life, I lost 50% of my vocabulary and my thought patron completely changed. The day, He called me, I became a man from a boy.”  

A religious reformist who carries revolutionary revivalism and Mastership evangelism in his soul is currently commissioned to fire Christians and equip them for the end time harvest. He and his wife Mrs. Rose Taimoor are focusing parts of Asia, the sea of lost souls; where history began and where human rule will soon give in to the reign of Messiah who awaits global evangelization – Matthew 24:14.

Our Mission:
The mission of the Crossbearers is to extend the Kingdom of God through a fellowship of believers, workers and ministers demonstrating the unity of the body of Christ by standing for Biblical truth, speaking with a representative voice, and serving the community through united efforts in social action, educational enterprise and spiritual endeavor.  

Our Faith:
Centers on Jesus Christ, the Author and Perfector of faith, as described in the Holy Bible.  

Our Motto:  
All give some, some give all  

Our Philosophy:
Nothing helps a Christian to discover pure-power packed possibilities and expand lasting capabilities than the Cross of Jesus. It is one thing on earth that can help cause and effect many things concurrently without being an expert multitasker.    The Cross is a vessel yet to be discovered by the majority of Christians. It is costly, demanding and can be dangerous from the point of view of a faint hearted churchgoer. Further, it is viewed foolishness from the perspective of unbelievers. The truth is that the Cross will help bear those who would bear it without hesitance and compromise. Only then, the Cross manifests its glory continuously and concomitantly.   Christian should desire nothing more than the Cross in their conduct - 1 Corinthians 2:22.   May I never boast except in the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world - Galatians 6:14.   An average Christian is like a rocking chair that rocks when you move but it never leaves its ground, it is always stuck to its place but one changes for good when he/she bears the Cross. For it calls for upward mobility where Christ is seated. Those who make Him center of their imagination and expectations while bearing the cross are able to change in to Christlikeness.  

Our Manifesto:
The fulfillment Great Commission in our own generation Be it deliverance, redemption, renewal and restoration, the cycle of revival must always result in evangelization, if not the experience becomes a monument, instead of a movement which fizzles out in time!  

Most Christians gain grounds but they lose it again, soon. When they prioritize the Gospel, the Great Commission, their life is empowered.    

Our Method:
To operate on a Bible based - Church connected - self contained - community of those called by God and are missiologically missioner and passionately ecumenical.  

Our Message:
We preach Christ, by living the Gospel of God and by bearing the Cross of Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit according the mandate of the Holy Scriptures. Jesus Christ is life and eternity, all else is mere detail. Christ of God, the distinctive of the Bible is indeed the Savior of the world and the High Shepherd of the Church; He is the life, we strive to live.

Life is fullness of Him who fills everything in every way - Colossians 1:19; 2:9; Ephesians 1:23; 4:13.  
Spirituality is first and foremost freedom from sin!  
No one can help us effectively to deal with our sin and none of us can overcome it, except the Savior when we trust and follow Him – Romans 5:8; 8:1-2, 14; 26-29; 34-37; Galatians 2:0-22;
Take care of your soul by committing it to Christ and before you contemplate doing something decent that could make mark in time and eternity.

The Crpossbearers Inc., are not responsible for any act of a person claiming, professing and acting as a Cross bearer. Such a person is solely responsible for his/her acts verbal and in works, and bear’s responsibility for his/her own lifestyle both private and public.

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